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Does anyone want to do some dark magic involving artisanal peanut butter with us? Go to Policygenius. Remember to wear your motion sickness bracelets this week because our stories are full of twists and turns! Christine is currently buying souvenirs for Em in Canada so we're bringing you one of our favorite live shows - Atlanta! Em covers the wildly haunted Moon River Brewing Company. Meanwhile, Christine whips the crowd into a frenzy over the incredibly tragic murder of Sara Ambrusko and her total dick of a husband. Also, always remember: if you can't beat them at ring toss, you probably can't beat them in a duel Go to Legacybox.

Get two months of Skillshare for free when you go to Skillshare. We're officially into Spook-tober!

And we're advocating for fingerprinting every "pillar of the community" just in case! We're also bringing the creep factor with the Loveland Frogmen of Ohio, which may or may not be frozen iguanas? Meanwhile, Christine covers the wild tale of the Rotherham Shoe Rapist and the advances in familial DNA that played a role in his capture. Also please congratulate Christine on her latest Stardew Valley child and tune in to hear who she named him after Try Zip Recruiter for free when you go to ZipRecruiter.

Listener Stories: Vol.

Happy spooky season, creeps and peeps! We're bringing you some wild stories today from a request Christine doesn't necessarily remember making: the scariest thing that's ever happened to you!

Tune in for some sleep paralysis, poltergeist activity on Devil Lake and a faceless imaginary friend Please don't attack us, you hideous beasts! Do you think insulting aliens will make them less likely to abduct us? Hang on for a wild ride into the most notorious European alien abduction! Em covers the strange case of Pier Fortunato Zanfretta, an Italian security guard supposedly abducted eleven times.

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Meanwhile Christine brings us a story that will make you immediately want to lock your doors forever: of the horrible murderer Stephen Peter Morin and the harrowing survival of Sarah Pisan. And please allow us to introduce you to Lemon's cousin, Avocado Get free shipping on all business cards, any style, any quantity. Just go to Vistaprint. That's certainly not just a rock. What a steal!

This week we attempt to please The Youths by filming our first episode for YouTube. In this episode Em covers the notorious Hoedaddy - sorry, we meant Hodag - of Wisconsin, who looks like an elephant-lizard and smells like buzzard meat. Just like Christine! We're asking the hard hitting questions this week: which came first the Pukwudgie or the hauntings? Em follows up on their Bridgewater Triangle story with a deep dive into the history of the Pukwudgie. Then Christine covers the horrifying abduction of Elizabeth Thomas.

We're also considering re-taking our SATs - what do you think we'll get? Go to CandidCo. To match with your perfect therapist for a fraction of the price of traditional therapy, go to Talkspace. We're back on tour this week! And guess what Check out our intro to hear the full story of our new teen ghost friend, Michael, and his cartoon preferences. We're also so thrilled to be able to share our Pittsburgh live show with you where Em covers the extremely spooky Hillview Mannor in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Then Christine tells the completely wild tale of Kate Soffel and the Biddle Brothers, not to be confused with a certain "We Sing" song Go to Rothys.

Introducing Imagined Life Season Two. What is it like to walk in the shoes of another person? Each episode of Imagined Life takes you on an immersive journey into the life of a world-famous person. So sit back, let go, and -- imagine your life, with our hosts, Oscar nominated Virginia Madsen and celebrated voice actor Robbie Daymond. From Wondery, the network behind Dirty John. You say "buffet" and we say "where"!

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Today we're privy to a "buffet of the unexplained" and we're feeling extra spooky with our stories: Em tackles the Bridgewater Triangle Then Christine tells the wild tale of the murders of Mary Ashford and Barbara Forrest, two women who were tragically murdered in eerily similar circumstances in the same town but years apart. Are we in a "thin place"? Join Honey for free when you go to Honey.

Enter the Play-Doh aisle at your own risk this week, folks. Then Christine brings us to Oakland to cover the tragic and mysterious disappearance of Kristen Modafferi.

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Christine also shares some ghost stories and gravel thefts from her Oma she's visiting in Austria this week To get a 4-week trial, free postage and a digital scale go to Stamps. Go to thirdlove. The FabFitFun Fall box is here! Pardon us, we need a quick turkey intermission Juniper will fill in for us while we're gone. This week we're leaving the U. We're also completely broken hearted by the recent, and all of the previous, mass shootings.

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Hold on to your Bermuda shorts and khaki hot pants because we've got some doozies for you this week. Em shakes the dust off their Detroit notes and covers the extremely fucked up Eloise Asylum. Meanwhile Christine's bringing awareness to a cold case we don't think has nearly enough attention: the Boston murder of Swedish Au-pair Karina Holmer. If you have any information that could contribute to the case, please contact the Boston Police Department.

Tragic cold cases are definitely a reason we drink. Get your new favorite flats at Rothys. Don't mind us, we're just shaving Juniper and putting him on a dragon Join us on an epic journey to learn all about the Austrian cryptid, the Tatzelwurm, just in time for Christine's Austrian wedding! We also cover the tragic murder of Tara Grant and a murderer so dumb his childhood friends predicted his fate. We're also pretty convinced a snake is going to come out of our toilets Go to felixgrayglasses.

Visit thredUP. Speaking of fractions and astrology We've got some wild, wild listener stories this month with a theme straight from Christine's wild west demands: Cowboys! Tune in for everything from ghostly spurs to a comforting cowboy hand during a violent mozzarella stick vomiting incident Go to ring. Happy National Ravioli Day! We're talking Brazilian aliens and murderous mommy blogs today. Christine also brings us an incredibly wild true crime story straight from brunch: the murder of Kirsten Costas.

We also learn Em is ready to go back to high school and Christine is decidedly not Get a special offer from Stamps. Just go to Stamps. It's flap o' clock somewhere in the universe! We've also got some tips for how to be bougie on a budget if you just have to have that 10 foot alien cryptid statue in your town square Go to modcloth.

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  6. Listen, we know a thing or two about chalk, salt and the date of the Civil War. This week Em's hitting us with knowledge on the most haunted house in Mississippi, the McRaven House. And Christine lays out the unbelievable story of incredibly terrible medical student, Michael Swango. We also learn it's not a good idea to mess with the chrysanthemums of an old Southern garden Go to ritual. Get your new favorite flats today! Go to rothys. Introducing the Moment. From a Taylor Swift intervention, to getting betrothed by a horse, this podcast is your real life Rom-Com.

    Happy July! We're celebrating Em and Allison's love This week Em brings us a story they've been wanting to cover for a while now and it's a haunted doozy: the Italian Poveglia Island. Meanwhile Christine covers the extremely disturbing case of a Missourian teenage murderess Alyssa Bustamante. We also learn more about human ash as fertilizer than we ever wanted to know Try ZipRecruiter for free when you go to ziprecruiter.

    We can't believe birthday month is over but the show must go on This month we've got some wild true crime listener stories that might be themed Santa Claus or South African cats. We'll let you know when we figure it out.

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    We're also losing our minds over a very unnerving tradition of 4th of July alien encounters Join Honey for free when you go to honey. Welcome to Dr. Junie's Colonoscopy Clinic! Where you're guaranteed to have a qualified feline professional perform your procedure Strap in because this week we've got some spooky, wild, intriguing stories for you: Em takes us to Scotland for the creepy Edinburgh Vaults and Christine covers the extremely off-putting and confounding case of Bryce Laspisa's disappearance.

    Em also ripped their underwear and now only has one knickerbocker Get a Stamps. Go to stamps. We're down to clown aka down to sassy today! Even though we're sadly nearing the end of birthday month. Em's bringing us back to the paranormal world with not just one haunted house but a whole cul-de-sac full of ghosts! Then Christine's got an intriguing mystery with some current updates in the case of the Isdal Woman of Norway.

    We're also graced with the presence of Detective Captain Canada Help make sure you and your neighborhood are safe by downloading the free Neighbors app today! Is it still our birthdays?