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They do need to add that feature I mean, who has time to go through and figure out which ones you used and delete them manually? Can more than one user have the mobile app on their phone with the same account? My husband and I both shop and want to both have access to quickly load coupons on the fly and the list feature within the app.

At first glance, it doesn't appear we can both add the app to our phones using same plus card number. Does Kroger load new digital coupons all on the same day of the week, or are they added sporadically? I'd rather get on and load one day per week rather than having to check every day.

Is there a day that is best to do so? Once I have loaded all coupons of interest onto my card, do I have to purchase all the items loaded, or will only coupons for items I actually buy disappear? Just wondering if I need to remove unused coupons from my card before checking out to avoid losing those coupons. If there are two digital coupons for the same items, but the values are different, will the higher value one automatically be used?

I was wondering, is there a limit to manufacturing paper coupons you can use in a single visit? I sure was disappointed with the digital coupon. I was assured that if you loaded the digital coupon to your card that it would show up at register. Nope and I could not get my browser to work in store to prove I loaded the coupon. I have been a Kroger shopper for years but because this does not work correctly I lost out on a 4.

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Anyone else have this problem? At this time it appears like Movable Type is the best blogging platform out there right now.

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This piece of writing presents clear idea for the new viewers of blogging, that actually how to do blogging. I work as a cashier at Kroger and have told this to many [ I cannot even tell what color the dot should be to say I want this coupon! Should it be on Red or green? I was told by someone that you can use printable coupons with the digital 5x coupons is this true? I read on a different couponing website that the 5x digital coupons are actually store coupons and that you CAN stack them with paper manufacturer's coupons.

But, even the 5x digitial coupons say on them that they cannot be combined with paper coupons. So, to test it, I went today and bought 2 of the Dole dippers frozen fruit covered with chocolate that I had a newspaper coupon for. I also downloaded the 5x digital coupon for them. It worked. The digital coupon came off and so did the paper coupon. I've previously had the cash register reject a printed coupon if I already had a digital one loaded to my card that was on accident so I know the system will reject it if it's against the rules.

If you find out a definitive answer somewhere I'd love to hear about it! The 5 x Ecpn are classed as store coupons and you CAN, without doubt, stack paper mfc on top of these 5 x digital deals. I have shopped at Walmart and not happy with the quality. Only name brands seem to be the same. I would rather pay a little more even for store brands and get better quality. I find their fruit and meat not as good quality as Kroger. I do not think that Kroger does price matching but they have been awesome if I ever has an issue with any quality.

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This is my 3rd attempt at getting a resolve on why digital coupons are not redeeming off my phone when i download them - the cashiers have to manually take them off when i show that they haven't been deducted - - my last resort is i downloaded the Giant Eagle app they have digital coupons - my last visit to Kroger i bought all the digital coupon items i saved - none scanned i paid full price and walked out.

I am new to Kroger and can NOT find there coupon policy. I only see a section for e-coupons. How many like coupons can I use in a transaction? Do they double coupons? How many printables can I use at a time.

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Sadly, the longer you are a loyal customer, the greater the chance you will be completely unknown to Kroger because your Kroger coupon card will wear out. When it is replaced, you no longer have the same number or identity. Kroger sees you as a new customer and no longer provides the coupons that are relevant to your purchases. I am the most loyal Kroger shopper ever, shopping every week since the 's.

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I have seen declines in product offerings, product quality and certainly in the shoppers' discount card program. If the digital is a 5X, and is 1 dollar off 2, can that coupon be use 5X?

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Is this 5x coupons true?? We can redeem 5x coupons with paper coupon, because I tried with de tide 5x coupon and mfc and the cashier said I can't combined bouth. Is there a way to see which digital coupons I have loaded onto my Kroger Plus Card while I am shopping? If I have already used a digital coupon will it disappear from My Coupons on the website?

If not is there any way to know which coupons I have already used? Thank you very much! U say kroger digital coupons may not be combined with man. My husband does the shopping at Dillions. He has a flip phone. I have a smart phone. I am trying to figure out if once I load the Dillions coupon onto the shoppers card how i can print them off so he can take it to the store.

He is not tech savy and I don't have time to go with him. He feels comfortable with paper coupons but I want to take advantage of all the great stuff Dillions offers. The last several time I have tried to use digital coupons, even loaded to my kroger reward card I did not get and had to go to the service desk. My question: if I can printout the coupons, does that not mean they should be loaded on my card and on my account and ready to use at the register.

Is there a step I am forgetting to do to activate the coupons. If I can print, should they not be on my card. I have double checked the account number last 4 digits on my card and the printout, they agree. Why can't people use the pick up and delivery coupons even if we are doing our own shopping instead of sitting in a our vehicles waiting to have it delivered to us. Those are better deals and feel we are being slighted because we are wanting to do our own shopping.

I have been a Kroger member for at least 3 years. Question is how come I never recieve the coupon mailer. I shop in the store at least once a week?

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Thank you Roxann Edwards. I put something on my digital coupon and under the qualifying it said this product is not qualified what does that mean could it be because the item is not on sale for a couple more days. If I have 2 digital coupons for the same thing ex;.

Do I have to go through all the digital coupons to find new ones or are they listed somewhere else. I don't like having to go through all of them looking for new ones.