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No protection! Ebay told me no they cant help because now paypal will resolve it no problem! Ebay has become such a pain of a company, they don't want to invest in anything. They preffer to use poorly trained and educated phone advisers with poor spoken english skills who not only don't undestand and listen to customer's issues but also behave quite maliciously if you're even a bit frustrated which is normal after all the issues that they cause. I've phone up for the same problem more then 6 times and my issue still hasn't been resolved!

I've been with ebay for almost 12 years and I'm sick of struggling to deal with their stupid call centre advisers who are parralel to the so called modern world.

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I can't spend 2 hours a day on the phone to you guys because you're way to incompetent to have such a small issue resolved. I hope you will fail misserably as a business and go down the drain, you don't bring anything more than frustration to ocassional honest sellers. I'm completely disgusted with you lot. Firstly the Ebay website is extremely out dated, the company have not invested in this system at all.

I was trying to buy shelf brackets online and when I found one I liked I would click in and a huge delivery charge was added after you agree to buy in auction, this happened twice and for both times the delivery charge was equal to the cost of the item. I had not provided any payment details so I cancelled the transaction, or so I thought. Next I'm bombarded by eBay with emails looking for money for these 2 brackets I never purchased, I navigated an extremely convoluted system to message the seller and get them to cancel the order.

Again bombarded with emails and so on. In the meantime I did actually purchase a set of brackets, sent the money over and awaited my delivery. After an email confirming the delivery wouldn't be taking place and me contacting him for a refund I was completely ignored. Luckily PayPal provided a refund seller never replied to them either. I had contacted eBay who wanted nothing to do with it.

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Apparently it's nothing to do with them if people are being scammed on their website. There are much better websites out there for buying and selling, I wouldn't use eBay ever again. Said buyer won its pathetic sellers always lose. As a buyer I always pay immediately and only complain if the goods are faulty, if I make a mistake or have misread the listing then it's my fault and my problem.

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As a seller I try to take the same honest approach but when someone makes an unfair complaint and you respond via ebay the company doesn't even acknowledge your response. It's a very poor market place for genuine occasional sellers, ebay doesn't deserve the effort put in by the people who make their business work. Beware when selling on ebay. I just sold a valuable item of jewellery, I did everything right, sent recorded got a signature etc.

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Buyer reported me to ebay saying not as described, which was a total lie, she clearly wanted the item but didnt want to pay for it.. Ebay opened a dispute but blocked me from commenting on the issue so it was only one sided. In effect I paid her to steal from me.

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I complained this cant be right. Ebay wasnt interested. Apparently this was, in their opinion, FAIR??? This is an open invitation for other scammers to get items for free. There used to be rules, there used to be multiple ways of contacting the company…now it's a blame game between them, Royal Mail and PayPal. They allow misrepresentations of location of items with Chinese companies constantly listing items as if in the UK. Counterfeited items are all over their website.

The app sells clothing, footwear, personal accessories, phones and many other items directly through the site. We advise whether buyer or seller, that the terms and conditions are read thoroughly to avoid confusion as Depop is not averse to terminating an account. When reading feedback regarding the ecommerce platform, you may find the majority are negative.

If you are looking to sell on an electronic specialised e-commerce platform, Newegg. Newegg specialises in selling computers and computer parts, laptops and gaming consoles among a host of other electronic gadgetry. Like many online sellers, ASOS has diversified its products. These now include kitchen accessories, cosmetics and perfume, and sportswear. Online advertising and TV promotions have raised customer awareness to the point where the site reaches over fifty-six million visits a month.

The commission is twenty per cent, and minimum stock styles depending on whether you produce a vintage, indie, or multi-brand goods, twenty for vintage, and fifteen for indie and multi-brand. One of the larger ecommerce groups, Wayfair was founded in and sells almost everything related to the home, from bedding and sofas to furniture and lighting.

Product prices range from competitive to downright expensive, with much in between.

As a fulfilment platform, Wayfair partners dropship their products via a sale made through the portal. The agreement differs in that Wayfair buys the product from the merchant who fulfils the order, shipping to the customer as if through Wayfair. Facebook estimates that 1. Just one-tenth of one per cent of the members is 1.

How this achieved when ultimately, the platform was designed to be a means of contact for communities, friends and families, is open for debate. One of the most successful means of selling through social media is to engage an audience. Keeping your posts light and entertaining and not always selling, appears to be a key factor. Building a social following assists in spreading your brand awareness more quickly than appealing to an audience through advertising. Offering new products in advance of the general public is also a ploy that companies use on social media.

Other findings suggest that freebies stimulate interest in a brand and product more quickly than promoting sales. It appears that quality is critical in determining the value of giveaways. Facebook owns Instagram, and as a result, the method of trading is similar, as are the rules set out by them.

The demographics of users are a little younger, so this may be a place to market for a more youthful audience. To sell via Instagram , your country of residence will determine if you qualify. As Twitter is more mobile phone orientated, it allows for faster travel of news and reviews. Take a look at this informative post by Socialmediarevolver for twelve reasons why they feel Twitter wins over Facebook.

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  • To set up a selling platform with Twitter, follow these simple steps. Find a more in-depth explanation here from Smallrevolution. A few simple Google searches makes it clear that selling on eBay is not your only option. The choice depends on your product and acceptance from your preferred portal. In many cases, the eBay fee is similar on other platforms, and with others, there are real savings to be made.

    Most eBay sellers will always feel the system is unfair, whether justified or otherwise. The fact remains, an eBay item is more likely to be seen and purchased than by other means of promotion. What has been your experience with them and what do you think about their policies and regulations? Readers would dearly love to hear real experiences from eBay sellers.