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We have a page of coupons and a page of online shopping promo codes here at Living on the Cheap. There are two parts to couponing successfully, Nelson says.

Why I Stopped Extreme Couponing…and Why You Should Too

One is clipping and finding coupons. The second is using your coupons strategically by matching them to store sales.

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The trick is to keep track of how often the items you buy go on sale and then stock up. Certain items go on sale every three months and others every six months. Once I learned that, I started waiting to stock up. Other frequent sale items include canned tomatoes, name-brand toilet paper and paper towels, soda and ice cream. Meat also has predictable sales cycles.

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Want to match your coupons with sale items? Really dedicated bargain hunters keep a price book to track how often their favorite items go on sale and at what price, so they know what bargains to wait for. Both Nelson and Daily laugh at those who say coupons are only for unhealthy, processed foods. In fact, Nelson says, about 50 percent of coupons are for non-food products. Both coupon experts use their skills to acquire items for charities, and some of their best scores are for toiletries and cleaning products. There are myriad ways to organize coupons.

Some people create a coupon binder. Others use envelopes and sort by category. Daily recommends the small coupon organizers you can find at dollar stores, with sections for each category. Nelson recommends filing your coupon inserts by date but not clipping until you check the store matchups and are ready to shop.

Whatever you do, make sure you carry your coupons with you. Saving Star , which gives you cash back for your purchases, has an app that lets you load coupons onto your store loyalty card. Ibotta provides rebates if you buy specific products. Sometimes a store brand item without a coupon is cheaper than a national brand with a coupon. Do extreme couponers have you throwing up your hands in despair? Try these low-maintenance couponing tips and watch your savings add up without a lot of effort. Extreme: Monitor dozens of coupon sources and spend time hunting down coveted coupon codes and inserts.

Effortless: Let the coupons come to you. Time-savvy shoppers collect coupons without searching for them. The coupons that arrive with your newspaper and daily mail are the tip of the iceberg. Many of your favorite stores and brands will email coupons directly to your inbox. General Mills, for example, sometimes delivers coupons along with its A Taste of General Mills e-newsletter. Extreme: Clip and save every coupon you come across.

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Recycle or delete the rest. Extreme: Have an elaborate coupon filing and storage system. Effortless: Stash all your coupons in one grab-and-go container. Other portable storage ideas: expandable files, diaper bags, purse compartments, recyclable grocery bags. Extreme: Shop several stores each week to capitalize on store-specific savings. Effortless: Shop strategically at one store.

Choose a conveniently located store where you enjoy shopping. Monitor discounts on products you already purchase. Target, for example, offers dozens of printable online coupons. Extreme: Calculate discounts to the penny.

23 Extreme Couponing Tips

Effortless: Use simple techniques to estimate savings. Laura Laing, author of Math for Grownups , explains how the average shopper can benefit from basic math. Laing recommends rounding costs to the nearest dime for quick calculations. Awesome post. I have definitely wanted to become more of a couponer; however, I realize that my biggest issue is in the organization factor.

I am not good at tracking and keeping up with coupons, and I typically end up realizing I have them right after they have expired. Instead I just try to spend less as much as possible.

That way I keep being reminded to use it before it expires! Thanks for reading, Shannon! Thank you, Sarah. You have shared your couponing products with me and I was truly amazed at the savings and the quality of the products! I am on an extremely tight buget and I know that couponing will help me stick to it! Thank you for reminding me that the footwork will pay off big in the long run!

Yep my wife and I coupon quite a bit. She does most of the work now and we usually save a decent amount each week. It really adds up when you start talking in terms of months and years. We organize our coupons in Excel in a coupon database that I created. I applaud your work ethic, DC! Wow, what a great couponing primer! I just make my grocery list and search through some online couponing sites or manufacturer websites before hitting the store. Thanks Mel! These promotions change weekly, so keep an eye out for them!

Searching online for coupons before a shopping trip is a great start though! Way to coupon! I have never done any couponing, but would like to some day. I did watch some of the extreme couponing on television before and was very surprise of how much groceries people were getting and paying. I love The Krazy Coupon Lady website, read her book and love it too.

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So I printed two coupons from coupons. I liked it, I wanted to get one for my bf so he could try it, and got another iced coffee for free for my bf with my Register Rewards coupon. I still had one more coupon to use, went back to Walgreens and used the coupon, got it for free again, and it printed a register rewards. I used that register rewards on yet another iced coffee. Coupons can be a good way save on products a household needs or to try new products for free or cheap.

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  • People think coupons are low finance but they become high finance when you use them correctly. A journalist for the Wall Street Journal said they are worthwhile.

    Couponing to Be Debt Free in Hawaii Because Cost of Living is Ridiculous | Mommy Finance

    I try not to use paper coupons. I signed up for store loyalty cards at stores I actually shop at, downloaded their apps on my smartphone and once you login to the apps, add coupons digitally to your store cards. Coupons have afforded me not only necessities but the ability to do things I enjoy. I have even couponed at Whole Foods.

    Couponing can be whatever you want it to be, you can coupon as little or as much as you want. I too feel passionate about this subject, Lila! Kudos to you for making couponing your own with digital coupons, and for branching out to try new products! Only the best, living it up with my name brands and coupons! When I couponed in London in a small space, I stocked up on products I used on a regular basis. Cereals, frozen pizza, yogurts.. There are also lots of coupons for arts and cultural events that can save you a lot of money.

    In Paris there was a booth for under 25 with free theatre vouchers for the same night so we often went when we had no plans and wanted to go out for free. Absolutely, Pauline! There are coupons for everything, if you know where to look! I know I would have lived at place like that Paris theatre ticket booth, if I had been anywhere near it! My mother was a grocery flyer maven and always spent time each week clipping the coupons and saving money in the process. At 76 years of age, mom still looks at the flyers each week and cuts her coupons as needed. Thanks for this post Sarah! Thanks for reading, Kassandra!