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As with Walmart, it depends on which parts of the economy you mean. Walmart, for example, saves consumers money, puts small merchants out of business.


Freebies have contributed to prices falling, which is good for consumers, not so good for some merchants. However, many merchants have found that they can drastically reduce time costs, and therefore prices, by importing rather than creating content. It is true. Mesh has damaged the Second Life economy almost as much as Linden Lab has.

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Plurabelle Laszlo Active member. Well, something is hurting the Second Life economy. Bet it's those damn millennials. Argent Stonecutter Emergency Mustelid Hologram. RyanSchultz said:. But I'd be interested in hearing other people's opinions on the topic. What do you think? Plurabelle Laszlo said:. Joined Sep 20, Messages 2, Location Right Khamon said:.

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Is it true sculpties murdered SL and buried it deep in the woods? Robert Jung Active member.

Joined Sep 20, Messages Location Tralfamedori. SL has always had freebies and they never hurt to economy that I can tell.

Noobies got started with free stuff, then eventually bought lots of stuff. This is a good thing!


Casey Pelous said:. Eli KittyWitch New member.

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I love to collect freebies. If I see a shop I wander into has a freebie, I get excited and check it out. If I like it, I go back and see what other stuff the store has I might like.

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I've spent a ridiculous amount of coin after getting freebies on some occasions. Sid Boooooh!!! Eli KittyWitch said:. Show hidden low quality content. To make sure you don't miss it like I did, I included the picture below. For that I salute both of you. April 1, Here are some pictures I took. Featured Posts.

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